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You, like most homeowners today, are likely dealing with rising utility bills, indoor comfort issues, indoor air quality (IAQ) concerns, and several other home related issues.  As homeowners ourselves, we want you to know that we understand your concerns. Certainly, there are tons of information available, which can, in fact, be misleading and definitely confusing.

Before you invest a single dime to “fix” your home, here are some things you might want to consider first:  Make sure whatever contractor you choose utilizes proven building-science principles. Make sure they take into account your “WHOLE HOUSE” AS A SYSTEM. Just buying new singular products alone isn’t the answer. Although, there are plenty of contractors that will line-up to sell them to you, whether you really need them or not. A good contractor will alert you to the other areas you need to consider repairing or replacing as well like; low-e windows, insulation, proper air sealing, a furnace, air-conditioning and ceramic paint.

You must take the “WHOLE HOUSE” AS A SYSTEM into account and plan to repair or replace all the necessary components to fix your entire home envelope before it will ever truly function efficiently. One component alone is merely a Band-Aid. The Band-Aid may, in fact, be necessary in the meantime―as long as you’re willing to fix the other "bruises" too.

As an insulation contractor, we fix one major component of your home… its ability to retain your existing warmed or cooled CONDITIONED air.

At 6 Insulation Services, we do something ninety-seven percent of the “other guys” won’t do―we conduct diagnostic tests to measure and determine exactly where all the problem insulation areas are. We then develop a step-by-step blueprint-plan on how to seal them all, plus help you maximize every dollar you invest. Based on proven building science and the results of years of testing by top building experts, there is a step-by-step process to getting you the results you need:

• Lower monthly utility bills

• Increase comfort throughout your home

• Healthier indoor air quality

• Safer environment

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