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Energy Guarantee

Each home's characteristics is entered into a computer program calculating heating loads and costs based on fuel, weather data, heating system efficiency, and the air infiltration factor for the home. If only R-Values were used in the computations, homes with Nu-Wool Insulation would not heat any different than homes with fiberglass. Through decreased air infiltration, Nu-Wool Insulation has a higher "Effective R-Value." Nu-Wool insulated homes heat and cool more efficiently than conventionally insulated homes.

Nu-Wool, through certified WALLSEAL dealers, offers this Guaranteed Energy Program for new houses insulated with Nu-Wool Insulation at no cost to the homeowner or builder. This energy guarantee not only ensures savings on fuel bills; it can help home buyers add upgrades to their home without adding costs. Under this program, a home's heating and/or cooling bill is guaranteed for a period of three years. If the energy bills exceed the guaranteed amount, Nu-Wool Co., Inc. will reimburse the homeowner 50% of the overage. Builders can use this guarantee as an attractive selling feature to home buyers.

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