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What is the Nu-Wool WALLSEAL System?

The Nu-Wool WALLSEAL system is a spray-in--place cellulose insulation product that is applied to the wall cavities of new construction. Nu-Wool WALLSEAL is an insulation product high in R-Value, made by Nu-Wool Company, Inc., a business with over 50 years of proven performance standards.

How is Nu-Wool WALLSEAL different from other insulation materials?

Nu-Wool WALLSEAL is sprayed-in-place, eliminating the voids and air pockets common with other insulation materials. Density, or weight per cubic foot, which is necessary in reducing air infiltration and increasing effective R-Value, is more consistent with the Nu-Wool WALLSEAL system. The contractor and the customer can actually see the insulation in place and know that all of the areas in the wall are insulated.

Nu-Wool Cellulose Insulation for attics and DIY

Homeowners add Nu-Wool Insulation to their existing homes to help curb rising energy costs and usually end up with a dramatic change in the comfort of their home! Nu-Wool Cellulose Insulation carries the UL and EPA Five Star Energy Program labels.

Nu-Wool WALLSEAL spray-in-place for wall cavities

Nu-Wool WALLSEAL is premium spray-in-place wall cavity insulation and carries the UL and EPA Five Star Energy Program labels. Nu-Wool's contractor training and field support are the best in the industry.

Nu-Wool ENERGY CARE DIY for attics and spray-in-place

Packaged for retail lumberyards, Nu-Wool Energy Care provides the same premium properties found in Nu-Wool Cellulose Insulation and carries the UL and EPA Five Star Energy Program labels.

INCIDE pest control insulation by Nu-Wool

InCide Pest Control Insulation is the pest control insulation that never stops working! Odorless InCide PC Insulation works behind the walls where pests live and breed. The active insect controlling ingredients remain effective under normal usage and conditions for the life of the structure. InCide Pest Control Insulation is the best EPA Certified pest control insulation available on the market today!


Create an instant green landscaped appearance with HydroGreen or HydroGreen Plus. Nu-Wool's hydroseeding mulch products contain an organic wetting agent that enables the mulch to go into solution quickly, adding to the efficiency of the application.

What is Nu-Wool's Guarantee?

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